Solution for NVDA Remote on the IPhone with Bluetooth keyboard lacking NVDA key.


Hi, I accidentally paired my Matias keyboard with my phone as if it was a Windows or Android device, and low and behold all those Windows keys that the IPhone doesn't care about and don't work in apple mode like NVDA and applications actually go through to the phone and can control your NVDA on your Windows machine. Now I need to see if I can trick the IPhone into letting me pair the keyboard twice, once in Windows mode on key 4 and once in Apple mode on key 2. Probably not, and I'm not going to try it now, but one of these days. My Bluetooth on the PC bit the dust, and in trying to fix that connection I accidentally unpaired the keyboard with the phone, and then accidentally paired it again using the wrong key so that the keyboard thought the phone was a Windows or Android device.

Shawn Klein