A gentle reminder about topic splitting #adminnotice


On a group such as this one, that has a public archive, "keeping a topic together" so that all information in a given exchange remains united in a single thread/topic is important.  It makes finding the information later in the archive much easier.  It also makes it easier in real time for email participants, because when a new subject line shows up that is actually part of an existing exchange, it can sometimes be difficult to know which exchange and/or the new subject may be ignored.  I want to make clear that this is not about those odd times when, somehow, an accidental change in the subject line for a reply is made before posting.  That happens, and I take care of merging those resulting accidental orphans back into their original topics.

There has been a recent uptick in deliberate topic splitting.  I am asking that folks avoid doing things like correcting spelling in subjects when there are typos, as that splits topics/threads.  Also, if you come up with a solution for a problem that's been under discussion, please do not start a separate topic entitled something like, "Fixed my issue."  That splits the fix from the issue that was actually fixed, and if I miss that this has happened later searchers will have no idea of the history of the issue itself or even what it was, in some cases.

If you are someone who wishes to have a subject line revised, please send a message to the owner address, nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io, giving the current subject line and what you'd like to have it changed to instead.  At least that way the topic/thread integrity can be maintained, and notice given that subsequent responses should be done by replying to a message with the updated title/subject.

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