Locked rolling back NVDA for BrowserNav add-on

Robert Logue

I updated NVDA and lost BrowserNav add-on.  I want to role back to the latest version of NVDA where Browser-Nav works.

The author shows it's compatible to 2019.1.

It is working on another system running(NVDA)
Version: 2021.3.1. About in NVDA help doesnt show the version number?

File property version; 2021.3.1.24395

What is the latest version of NVDA that will run this?  I think it needs Python 2 but am not sure what changed that it doesn't work now.





I already told you, explicitly, that this assertion is incorrect, because it is incorrect, and gave you a direct link to BrowserNav version 2.4, which is compatible with NVDA 2022.X.   Here was the post, verbatim:

On Sat, Sep 24, 2022 at 11:25 AM, Robert Logue wrote:
Browser-Nav is not supported in the latest versions of NVDA.
That is incorrect.  I do not know why the information on the community webpage has not been updated, but BrowserNav for NVDA 2022.x is definitely available via the Spanish NVDA Add-Ons Catalog.  Direct link to the add-on page: browsernav 2.4 (stable)

Also, it's the same version of BrowserNav that downloads from the Community Add-Ons page, so it's definitely a case of the compatibility information not having been updated, not the Add-On itself not having been updated.

Brief description page:  BrowserNav

This topic is now locked.  There will be no spreading of misinformation about compatibility issues on this group.

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