Locked Announcement Only: UNOPS eSourcing [RFP/2022/43740] - Increasing the variety of TTS languages specifically available for NVDA


Wanted to share this ATscale and UNOPS opportunity for Text-to-Speech (TTS) makers that are interested in increasing the variety of TTS languages specifically available for the NVDA screen reader, as well as other SAPI5, Android, and Linux screen readers. The proposal is for the development of four software applications of TTS voices, including Nepali and Turkmen. All necessary information is contained at the link below. Thank you for your time!



I approved this not because I think that most members would be able to undertake the work the proposal requests, but because it's for NVDA in particular and this group has the "widest circulation" that I know of among the NVDA user and developer communities.

This topic is now locked.  Any questions should be directed to Mr. Hollander via private email messages.

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