locked Triple-tap magnification stops working for no reason

Paul Schreier

Triple-tap magnification is, for me, a fantastic -- and almost indispensable -- feature. However, for some strange reason it just stops working. I  restart and it works again...for a while, then stops working again. I've tried to find the cause -- a timeout? the use of some app? -- but as yet have been unable to find the cause of this behavior. Has anyone else had experience with this problem?
My pnone is a Honor 10 (Huawai) with EMU 10.0.0.
I would be grateful for any tips.
-- Paul



I have to believe you intended to post this either to the Blind Android Users Group or Android Accessibility Group or Phones for the Blind Group, given that you're talking about a feature on an Android-powered device.  I'm going to lock this topic as a result.  Although I presume you are probably a member of one or the other of the two previously noted groups, I'm providing the information for subscribing in case you are not.

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