Locked Announcement Only: Solved issues - Please don't create a separate topic #adminnotice


Hello All,

I will be happy to put a [SOLVED] prefix on an existing topic if you have reached a solution and let me know to mark it.

Creating a separate topic divorces the solution from the problem, and future archive searchers have no idea of the history that led to the solution.  Please post to the original topic and let me know if you would like a [SOLVED] marker via the group owner address.  Just having the word solved in your post is generally enough, but I'm happy to put a big, bold marker if you want one.

P.S.  Abbie's post triggered this message, and I have already merged the two topics and put a [SOLVED] marker in place.  But this happens often enough that it needs to be noted, and procedures changed.

It used to be understood that if you published and profited from a mass media platform you should also be responsible for its content. That idea is nowadays considered quaintly archaic. There is no real accountability, and almost limitless ability to post any kind of ridiculous and scurrilous nonsense. God help us.

       ~ Ross Goldbaum, Letter to the New York Times,

          Regulating Media: It’s Now Seen as a Quaint Idea, November 13, 2022