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On Mon, Nov 21, 2022 at 04:35 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
this annoying addition is going to be removed by Microsoft, due to a lot of complaints
Hence the reason that I, and a number of other regulars, routinely stress the need to add feedback via the Feedback Hub, whether that's by creating an issue from scratch or upvoting and commenting on one or more that have already been created.

This is how "complaints" are logged and, furthermore, how much weight they're given.  The more people complaining about the same thing, the more likely it is to be addressed.

It used to be understood that if you published and profited from a mass media platform you should also be responsible for its content. That idea is nowadays considered quaintly archaic. There is no real accountability, and almost limitless ability to post any kind of ridiculous and scurrilous nonsense. God help us.

       ~ Ross Goldbaum, Letter to the New York Times,

          Regulating Media: It’s Now Seen as a Quaint Idea, November 13, 2022

Brian's Mail list account

I heard on Mosen at Large over the weekend that this annoying addition is going to be removed by Microsoft, due to a lot of complaints.
Now they need to have a go at Edge and Teams, according to a friend of mine. grin.
Messages that serve no purpose being repeated can be very time consuming, at least to me.

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