Locked Announcement Only: OK, Members, the days of "latest" are now and forever, officially, over . . . #adminnotice


I've said this nicely, in an earlier admin notice, but this one is going out as a warning that I will not be releasing any messages from new members where, "the latest {insert software here, and that includes NVDA}," is specified as the version.  That is just not sufficient, period.

I have begged people to give complete version information, and it keeps falling on deaf ears. 

Now that we are in, and will be in, a dual Windows 10 and Windows 11 world for several years, have been in a multi-version Microsoft Office and M365 world, etc., it is essential to give the specifics of your operating environment.  For NVDA issues, at a minimum, that includes:

1. NVDA version.
2. Windows Edition with Version and build numbers.  (Obtained via the 'winver' command.)  The Edition - Home, Pro, Enterprise, Educational - absolutely matters.
3. Software version.  Generally obtained via the About option of the Help for most programs.

If the question is about a problem on a specific computer, then please also give the exact make and model (or at least series), that's involved or the specific make/model information for any peripheral involved, including things like Braille Displays, scanners, etc.

NVDA 2022.4, Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Build 22621.1105, Firefox 109.0 is an example of correct reporting for what's throught to be a software issue.  The latest NVDA, Windows 11, and Firefox is NOT.

It is grossly unfair to potential assistants to have to tease this information out from those asking questions.  It must be offered as a matter of course going forward.

Brian Virginia, USA Windows 11 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 22H2, Build 22621; Office 2016, Version 16.0.15726.20188, 32-bit

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