Thunderbird+ addon in English

Pierre-Louis R.

Hi all,

I replaced the word "accent" or "key-above-Tab" with "grave"." in the documentation and in the add-on's messages.

For those who don't already know, the "grave" key is above the Tab key.

In summary, we have now :

grave : shows the main menu of the Thunderbird+ add-on ;
shift+graveĀ  : shows the Option menu of the Thunderbird+ add-on ;
Control+Alt+grave or AltGr+grave : starts Thunderbird. Note that gesture is reconfigurable via NVDA Menu / Settings / Input GesturesĀ  and in the category named : Thunderbird+4, launcher and update. The actual key labels appear in this dialog ,

To get these changes, You can download the addon and reinstall it via the links below:
My ptreferred link :

Link in my repos :

Regards, Pierre-Louis,