Spanish Voices for NVDA

Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías

Hi all.
Yes, you can add the One Core voices for Spanish (spain) or Spanish (Mexico).


There are OneCore voices available from Microsoft for a very great many of the world's languages.

You can add them (Windows 10 & 11) via Settings, Time & Language Pane.  I'm sitting in front of Windows 11, at the moment, but I believe the "Add a language" button is available in that pane for both 10 and 11.  If it's not, the analogous button or link is pretty obvious under Windows 10.

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David Kingsbury


I am an English speaker who would like to add Spanish voice choices to my NVDA. While I can easily change languages in the General category of the Settings menu and this makes the text of the menus change to Spanish, and that is good, is it possible to get Spanish voices without paying for them? At present, all I have available are the English voices that come with my Windows computer. I want Spanish text in documents and on the web read with a Spanish voice and not an English one. Any help is appreciated.