Add-on Internals: Add-on Updater article posted


Hi all,

While the following is meant for technical users, I believe this can benefit everyone using Add-on Updater (or folks curious about it):

A while ago there was a question about which add-ons people cannot live without, and several users said Add-on Updater. But how does Add-on Updater work exactly, and what are steps NVDA follow to keep your add-ons updated? Now you have the answer in the following Add-on Internals article (author: yours truly) that describes the internals of this add-on:

addonupdaterinternals · nvdaaddons/DevGuide Wiki (


The article describes the actual add-on update check, download, and installation steps, as well as the process used to let Add-on Updater retrieve ad-on update information from a variety of sources such as community add-ons website. While it does not reflect current Add-on Updater stable version (22.07) internals, it discusses upcoming add-on changes, specifically Project Meteor. I expect to update this article throughout the day to include some more background history of this add-on. While the article is written for technical users and developers in mind, I hope you can use this article to learn more about some screen reader and add-on internals.

Enjoy the new article.