Allowing NVDA to Speak When Arrow Keys Are Held Down in the Browser



I am developing games on the Web and am wondering if there is a way to keep NVDA from shutting up while the arrow keys are being pressed? While the player is moving into a new room, I want NVDA to say "Entering the Armor Shop" while the up arrow is being held down. I wouldn't mind if ctrl shuts NVDA up, but in this circumstance, I don't want the arrow keys to interrupt NVDA.

It looks like aria-live="assertive" should do this, but it doesn't.


Under my NVDA settings / keyboard, I see "Speech Interrupt for typed characters" and "Speech Interrupt for Enter Key", but not "Speech interrupt for arrow keys".

Is the best solution to either have users use wasd for moving with the "Speech interrupt for typed characters", have Web Speech API say something, or have users use the mouse for movement?

I would prefer there to be a way where I can send an alert that can be interrupted only with the ctrl key, as it will allow users to use their own screen reader and synth without modification and choose their own mode of navigation without worrying about missing messages.


If there is no option now to do this, could there be a checkbox added to settings / keyboard that says "interrupt aria-assertive on keypress"? The default would be checked and if it is not checked, then NVDA will not interrupt an assertive message for anything but ctrl or maybe window focus.

What do others think?