locked Announcement Only: For those who are transitioning to Windows 10 or new to it . . .


You should seriously consider joining the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group.

Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Email Delivery 
& Other Control Commands That Can Be Issued by Sending an Email Message 
You can send a blank email to the following email addresses :  To receive an automated help email containing a list of these commands plus additional information  To join the group  To unsubscribe from the group  To contact the owners of the group
To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web).  
This can be reversed by sending an e-mail message to any one of the addresses that follows to resume receiving the messages in the format of your choosing.  This option may be preferable to unsubscribing since you can resume posting to the group without a hold on your first message, which is in place for new subscribers.  To receive individual messages instead of digests or a summary  To receive full featured digests instead of individual messages  To receive plain digests instead of individual messages  To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages  To only receive messages sent as special announcements by the group owner or moderator


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