Locked Announcement Only: January 10, 2023 is End of Life for both Windows 8.1 and extended support of Windows 7 #adminnotice


From CNET:  Microsoft Ends Security Updates, Technical Support for Windows 7 and 8.1
This is also confirmed on the Windows 8.1 Lifecycle Page.

A tech on Technibble posted the following a short while ago, and the article is well worth reading, and how it applies more generally than just to today or any single "Patch Tuesday" should be carefully considered:  
That article is a perfect illustration of the absolute wisdom contained in the following observation:

There really isn't a point to checking for updates and not installing them. . . It's important to install all available updates. I've been doing this since the days of DOS, and I still don't have the confidence to pick and choose among updates. There are just too many variables involved - and most people can't evaluate the full consequences of installing/not installing updates.
      ~ John Carrona, AKA usasma on BleepingComputer.com, http://www.carrona.org/

I have seen way more misery caused by lack of updating than I've ever seen from the occasional "bad update," which generally gets fixed before very many people even get one these days, given the way telemetry and monitoring of same works.

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