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Hello All,

          As a big believer in information sharing, I have occasionally and will continue, occasionally, to bend the group rules and allow the announcement of the formation of venues that I believe would have value to a number of our members so that they are aware of them and can join if they so choose.  Permission should be requested via the group owner address, nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io, before making such an announcement.

           The above being said, any further traffic, including information about specific events sponsored on said venues, should be placed in the Chat Subgroup rather than the main NVDA Group.  I would appreciate the cooperation of those making such announcements about either the formation of a new venue, or events on those venues, going forward.

NVDA Chat Subgroup Addresses

To join:  chat+subscribe@nvda.groups.io

To post:  chat@nvda.groups.io

To unsubscribe:  chat+unsubscribe@nvda.groups.io

To receive a message containing the group description, and a list of these commands:  chat+help@nvda.groups.io

To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web):  chat+nomail@nvda.groups.io

This can also be used to put a vacation stop on group messages, then use one of the addresses below to resume delivery in the format of your choice.

To receive each group messages individually:  chat+single@nvda.groups.io

This is the default delivery unless you send a message to one of the addresses that follows.

To receive group messages in an HTML formatted digest:  chat+fulldigest@nvda.groups.io

To receive group messages in a plain text digest:  chat+digest@nvda.groups.io

To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages:  chat+summary@nvda.groups.io

To receive only special messages:  chat+special@nvda.groups.io

To contact the group owner(s):  chat+owner@nvda.groups.io

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