Announcement: several of my add-ons will require NVDA 2020.4 starting in March 2021


Hi all,

Hope you are staying safe and healthy (and for those affected by winter storms, please stay warm).

Normally I make add-on compatibility announcements not this often, but it appears it’s time to make another NVDA version compatibility announcement:

NVDA 2020.4 introduced several internal changes that will cause one or more of my add-ons to not work properly under some circumstances, most notably important parts of StationPlaylist add-on. I took steps to mitigate this, and am keeping a very close eye on future NVDA releases, especially 2021.1 as it will be a backwards incompatible release (more on that once 2021.1 beta 1 is released). Coupled with other features in 2020.4 that will benefit my add-ons, I hereby declare that:

Starting from March 2021 add-on releases, NVDA 2020.4 will be required. It won’t be applied to all add-ons right away – this change will be gradual.

The following add-ons are affected:

  • Add-on Updater: in keeping with add-on support policy (requiring latest stable version of NVDA), Add-on Updater 21.03 will require NVDA 2020.4.
  • Resource Monitor: the way NVDA announces resource summary copy message is changing to align with NVDA 2020.4. This change will be introduced in version 21.04 (April).
  • StationPlaylist: due to critical issues discovered while fetching column data for tracks and encoders support as a result of changes in NVDA 2020.4, version 21.04 (April) will require NVDA 2020.4 to reduce maintenance burden.


Although not part of this, Windows 10 App Essentials will eventually require NVDA 2020.4, but that won’t happen until NVDA 2021.1 is released. What will happen though is that development versions of this add-on will require NVDA 2020.4 in March.


As for NVDA 2021.1 and my add-ons, suffice to say that I’m working on compatibility and you won’t have to switch to 2021.1 for a while (based on lessons from 2019-2020, although the compatibility scale isn’t quite massive, I figured at least one community add-on won’t be ready in time for 2021.1 release, so I won’t be as aggressive in asking you all to use the next version of NVDA in order to use my add-ons). Details will be announced when 2021.1 beta 1 is released.