ccleaner research



I have been given an unexpected chance to talk to ccleaner directly as part of a servey I did a bit back.

The date for my interview is schedualed for monday 8 pm nz time.

Thats sunday at well us time at well I think its round 8am utc point is, I have an oppertunity to change this program.

Right now in my head I have at least 6 points on ccleaner free alone to talk about.

The first and not least is the long standing checkbox nvda readback on the main config panel.

If that could at least get sorted out that would be a huge step.

Next are the settings for healthcheck on the settings pannel they absolutely will not toggle without skipping with tab on nvda and I have to basically put narator in scan and hit a button.

Technically they have an alto and I think alt r keyboard shortcut but since options is allready alt o its just not doing it right.

3.  healthcheck and the add pains themselves.

While the add pains are not as big of a deal since they are html windows at least in the portable I want them gone.

They are also hidden by default.

Healthcheck is just well inaccessible.

The point is, unless piriform really think its needed I am not sure if its worth making it accessible or just make sure it never happens for us.

We don't need healthcheck generally. neither do we need the smart cleaning monitoring and the like.

And while it can be turned off in the portable well who knows.

4.  The installer and bundled software.

I know there are slim and portable installers about but to be honest with all the issues with avast and their software and all the issues round that which I won't even touch on, we as blind people really need either the installer to be more accessible or have some way to just not have that happen in the first place.

Heck if its cash, I'd be happy to pay a 10 us dollar flat rate so they can continue their program as is.

I also don't think portable versions should have any trial notices, after all, the reason people get themm is for running on portable stations.

That last point aint really important, if the buttons , checkboxes settings and stuff can get fixed then that will tie us over.

The installer needs to get addressed to, healthcheck is its own animal and I am not sure how to approach it.

Bar defragler, I have not used speccy or recuva enough to see how accessible they truely are.

The main windows of both weren't but I haven't used them enough to say what doesn't work so I can't mention those at all.

Anyway, everyone can email me off list in fact unless mods think it usefull to have it on here at least everyone on nvda can email me off list.

If you are on atig, or atug then you can probably talk on there.

If this goes to win10 you will have to email mee off list as I appear to have burnt my bridges right now.

I may try to get myself back in later but as it is I have other things more important than actually trying to get back in win10 at least to post.

Anyway I will give you all this week till monday my time sunday us time at 3pm.

Thats when I finnish a augmented reality device test.

That should give me some time to put all my notes together before I have dinner and find out how it works.

Thanks in advance.

Lets hope this all works out for us.



Move this to the chat subgroup. Per group rules, this message shouldn't have gone to this list. But,

That's good you'll get to talk to them. Make sure you have your facts backed up by examples or reproducible bugs. I do this for a living and get paid very, very, well for it, as you can see.

If I had the power, I'd move this to the chat group. Let's continue there, not here.