Change Ringing: Practice and Theory

Damien Garwood

Hi all,
I know this is a rather specialised topic, but I'll ask anyway on the off chance.
1. Are there any change-ringers here who could advise me of the best ringing software that works with NVDA?
I'm looking for something that will enable me to learn new methods, so it can be either:
A. An app that plays a method, or prints the numbers out in CSV form
B. An app that requires you to ring a method, or follow calls, perhaps simulating a band and a conductor, and scores you on it.
2. I'm very interested into how change ringing compositions are made (being a musical composer myself). Apparently computers can generate them now, because it's very mathematical. I'd like to learn more about this, but whatever math (or maths, if you prefer) based articles I try and read, they're either covered with graphics, or a mysterious area of three or more spaces that mean absolutely nothing.
Someone suggested that Mathplayer was the way forward, but while that does interact with some of these areas, it didn't work with all of them, and the number of problems I had both understanding how to make sense of the information it provided when it did work, and then eventually uninstalling it, I'm a little cautious to start using it again.



          I can't help you out specifically, but I wanted to note that I've updated the topic to be fully descriptive, as Change Ringing is definitely "a thing of its own" and those who are into it will recognize it better.

          Since you're asking about what software related to change ringing is accessible with NVDA, that's entirely on-topic for the main group.  If the time comes where something is recommended and you want to discuss how to use that software, that topic should be started on the Chat Subgroup.

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