Creating New Activities or Profiles

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Hey everyone,


I want to set NVDA so it shows computer braille only in the terminal, but otherwise use UK grade 2 everywhere else. Can someone remind me how to make  new activity or profile please?





Every NVDA user needs to know how to do two basic things when almost any question arises.  The one you want really depends on the exact nature of the question:

1.        Bring up the NVDA Commands Quick Reference:  NVDA + N, H, Q  [NVDA Menu, Help, Commands Quick Reference]

2.      Bring up the NVDA User Guide:  NVDA + N, H, U   [NVDA Menu, Help, User Guide]

In your case bring up the User Guide, and have a read through the entirety of Section 12.4, which covers how to create and manage configuration profiles.  The user guide does a very good job with this, but it's important to have read through the whole section, once, before you start.


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