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Janet Brandly

I haven’t had to edit footers but I have had to edit headers. I’m using Office 365, Windows 10, and the latest stable version of NVDA.


From within the main document press AltV for the View menu then H for header. This will place your curser within the header where you can edit it. Just press Escape to go back into your main document. I’m sure you can get to the footer from the View menu but I don’t know the keyboard shortcut. Perhaps F?


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This question would best be addressed in the Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group or the Chat Subgroup, as it is about Word and is completely screen reader agnostic.

I have never seen the View menu used for header or footer, but the Insert [ALT + N] menu, followed by H if inserting a Header, or by O if inserting a footer.  If the header or footer already exists follow with E to edit or R to remove.

If you already have a header and/or footer, and have your focus in it, ALT + JH opens the Header & Footer Ribbon, which gives quite a few more advanced options for formatting.

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