english Canadian pack

Martin Courcelles

No worries. I added the NVDA group, in case other folks are interested in adding voices. 

It’s in Windows 10.

Go under settings and search for text to speech. 

Then choose the Change text-to-speech settings”.

Under that choose “Add Voices”.

Under that, you will find all text to speech languages.






From: Anthony Borg <anthonyborg001@...>
Sent: May 9, 2021 8:37 AM
To: 'Martin Courcelles' <mcourcel@...>
Subject: english Canadian pack


Hi Martin


Sorry to troubling you, can you please tell me from where I can download that English Canadian pack and is it free?

Thanks in advance



Louise Pfau

I should’ve indicated that I installed the additional Windows OneCore voice packs I wanted through the Narrator settings.  I didn’t realize that the SAPI 5 voices were related to the default Windows language.  I believe that’s US in North America.  I appologize for any confusion.