Formating information on google docs

farhan israk

I am using windows 10 22h2, nvda 2023.1 and google chrome Version 111.0.5563.111 (Official Build) (64-bit). I use google docs. Earlier when I was using nvda 2022, if I pressed alt + ctrl + a followed by f, nvda used to announce some formatting information such as font size, font name, color, alignment and line and paragraph space. I have updated nvda. After that if I check formatting information, nvda does not announce alignment and line and paragraph spacing information. I have checked  enabling color, style and line space from nvda document settings but no change. I am unable to check alignment and line and paragraph space. How can I fix it? Is there any resolution apert from reverting to the old version? I have updated most of my addons. So, it would be difficult for me to revert back to 2022.