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Thank you very much for the input. Unfortunately, I live in Canada and this  company hires independent contractors, so there isn’t much I can do. I already have a foot pedal And was able to install it using the software they recommended. It would be interesting if someone from the US were to apply to work for them. At least you have the ADA and state legislation to back up any complaints. Transcription and editing, wither medical legal or general, is a field in which people who are blind could be successful; but, as long as barriers like this exist,

access to this field is limited.


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In addition to what Luke has mentioned there are other accessibility barriers on this page.  For instance, when I'm using Vivaldi (which is a Chromium-based browser) once I've tabbed into the transcription edit box I cannot get out of it via SHIFT+TAB nor trying to TAB to the next control.  There is a menu button above the transcription box that allows you to do things such as remapping the default shortcuts that Scribe uses (MS-Word document attached with all of them, taken from an option in that menu) that I cannot get to via NVDA, at the very least.  It also allows for a pedal setup if you happen to be someone who is already a transcriptionist and might have one at home already.


If they are monitoring every X seconds about activity in the edit box when doing a transcription, I honestly don't see how this test could be successfully taken by a screen reader user based on what they currently have there.  To my mind, it would definitely be worth pushing back with their support folks about lack of accessibility and reasonable accommodations for actually taking the test in an alternate form as a screen reader user.  There are just too many hoops that can't be jumped through.


The closest thing to a workaround I can think of, and it would be an awful one, would be to only have your browser open to that Scribie dictation item and another window open for MS-Word or similar and doing the transcription there, toggling back and forth between the two to pause audio as needed, but that would be sheer hell in terms of getting it to stop where and when you want it to.


I suspect that the transcription edit box is a very complex object that they have a lot of code associated with to monitor exactly what's being entered, how quickly, with how many corrections made, etc.  Even the line where you're typing changes background color, which is uncharacteristic of any typical edit box I've ever dealt with.


I'm sorry I cannot be of very much help to you on this.




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Hello Brian and Luke,


The link to the practice page of test files is

You will need to use either Firefox or Chrome. You will find a set of instructions with several practice files below that. When you choose a file and press the “select” button, the software/editor  loads automatically. The transcriptionist enters text into the edit field at the bottom. That’s where the problem is. I can type into the field okay, but cannot hear anything to read back or edit what I have written. Toggling in and out of  browse mode doesn’t help. Unfortunately, I cannot use the transcription editor alongside another program such as Word.


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