Instant speak out of printed material using a webcam with NVDA + LION OCR addon

Milton Charlton

Thanks to Shaun Everiss for posting the link to the LION addon (#86821).

 I set up an ordinary  1080p webcam (Microsoft Lifecam Studio) about 10 inches (25cm)  above a thick paperback book.  I arranged the book and camera so the book filled the screen as much as possible. The book was open at the middle and there was plenty of page curl near the spine.  Lighting was just ambient light from a desk lamp pointed at the ceiling. The LION OCR addon spoke out the left page and then the right page.  Except for the curl, this is similar to reading columns.   The accuracy was very good with only two or three misses.  This method would be good for a quick speak out of printed material that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to read.

I think any webcam display software such as the built-in Windows CAMERA app, Yawcam or IPEVO Visualizer will work for this job. It is not necessary to save any files with this method.