new nvda 2019.3 addon compatability update list



I know some of these are compatible now or in rout.

Firstly, all the addons by nick stockton like ifinterpritors are not compatible.

if you search for nick stockton nvda addons you will find the github repo with all the repos in it.

Some of these are usefull.


I know there is a version, its not on the addons website though, its link needs updating.

Image describer.

Its status is unknown right now.

Emoteicons and report simbols.

I think versions exist for this they just are not on the website.


I am not sure if I have the compatible one or not is that on allready and the website if not this needs updating.

The espeak ng synth seems a bit abbrupt with any d or t simbol sounds like its double.

Its a minor data issue and could probably get used to.

WIndows defender is not throwing a wobly though which is good.


There are a lot of add ons on the community website that say they are compatible with 2019.3 but are actually not. One of these is the speak passwords add on. In the coming weeks, could we start removing old add ons from the community website to avoid confusion?