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Yet I have seen on this very group that there is encouragement to get the RC installed to fix issues.

I agree that the Alpha snaps should be made a separate channel, but its more blurred with the RC.

What I tend to do these days is keep a copy of the rc and of the last stable as portable and when add ons break, either get them sorted on the portable version or deleted and then update the installed version from that portable copy. If I do not do this I can end up with the apparent same add ons not working on the installed version.

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Gene wrote:

don't think, however, that production versions see beta or RC versions of NVDA.
Not without the Update Channel add-on, no.

Going from beta or RC to production, is moving from less stable to more stable for users. The vast majority of users can be expected to desire that.

However, moving from production to beta or RC, would be forcing a user from stability into less stability. Who would want that, unless they were already a tester type?