Notice: Joseph Lee's add-ons are compatible with NVDA 2019.2


Hi all,


For people on the add-ons list may have seen a message from an add-on author telling you that her add-ons are ready for NVDA 2019.2. As a follow-up, I’d like to announce that all my add-ons are ready for NVDA 2019.2. I do test my add-ons on alpha snapshots and prepare them as needed; I usually do not announce compatibility statement until beta 1 is released.


Some things to note for some add-ons:


  • Version jumps: as noted a few days ago, some add-ons will now require newer NVDA releases. The big one is coming later, but for now, Windows 10 App Essentials will transition to supporting NVDA 2019.1 and later, and Add-on Updater will follow after, supporting NVDA 2019.2. For Windows 10 App Essentials, minimum version requirement will be invoked with a development snapshot planned for later this week (likely June 7th snapshot).
  • Effective June 15, the following add-ons will enter lifeboat maintenance mode: Golden Cursor, SystrayList, Virtual Review. Lifeboat maintenance mode means an add-on will be prepared to be donated to the community for further maintenance i.e. I’m stepping down from maintainer role for these add-ons. Due to a massive change planned for NVDA, I’ll maintain these add-ons until that change comes; after that, I’ll donate current source code to the community. I expect to release at least one more releases of these add-ons before stepping down.