Numbers as digits being used a bit oddly in combination with certain specific number implementations - 11th, for example

Jacob Kruger

My primary TTS engine with NVDA has, for quite a while, been eSpeak-NG.

Anyway, partly due to being a programmer, I specifically prefer to stick
to having all numbers spoken out as digits, and, thus do have the
default speech dictionary entry for that, making use of a regular
expression match, but, for example, while this works fine with all
stand-alone numbers, it acts a bit odd, at times, when a number is
combined with something like a suffix, like th.

For example:


is being pronounced to me as one therth

22nd gets read out as 2 second.

And, 11 on it's own would just get read out to me as one one, with 22
being read as two two, but, seems like there's something in one of the
hidden/built-in dictionaries that specifically tries to react to a
suffix like th or nd?

Now this would be fine if it was only applying this to a single digit
number - 1st, or 2nd, but, it seems like the combination of the numbers
as digits regular expression, along with this other factor is making it
sound odd to me at times?

Anyway, not too sure what would fix this perfectly all round, but, if
can track down the cause, then will try playing around with it a bit?

Jacob Kruger
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