NVDA and Visual Studio 2019, streamlining the workflow

Felix G.

Dear NVDA community,
I have spent the last few days preparing a programming assignment for
students of a computer science class, and since it is a C programming
assignment, and I am a Windows user, I chose to use Visual Studio for
the task at hand. I am noticing, however, that this endeavour is
hampered by Visual Studio and NVDA going out of sync on a regular
basis. For instance, it appears the cursor is stuck somewhere in the
code editor, but upon inspection I find focus has changed to another
VS component, and this focus change was apparently not taken into
account by NVDA. Repeated alt+tabbing out of and back into VS tends to
solve the problem, with the emphasis resting firmly on "repeated,"
meaning it gets tedious after some time. Often after alt+tabbing into
VS, when I press NVDA+t to find out the window title, NVDA says
"Explorer" by which it is presumably referring to some part of the
scaffolding of how Windows handles its window management.
Could someone please point me to the current recommended standard
practice for doing C or C++ development when depending on NVDA? Is
there anything in VS that needs to be configured to make it behave
acceptably with NVDA?
Thank you and all the best,