NVDA comments and failing table navigation in Microsoft office 365 with UIA

Pranav Lal

Hi all,

Sorry about the cross posting but this question relates to both nvda and
Microsoft office.

I have been recently upgraded to the 64bit version of Microsoft Office 365.
This is on my work computer.

If I have set nvda to use UIA always, I am able to create comments and use
the comments pain. However, then I am unable to use table navigation. I am
navigating a 7 column table. I am told "edge of table" when I use the
control + alt + arrow keys to navigate within the table. In addition, using
the tab key to navigate from cell to cell is very slow.

If I set nvda to use UIA when necessary or leave it at the default setting,
table navigation works but the comments pane is not detected such that even
if I invoke it, I am still placed in the text of the document.

Nvda 2023.3.2
Microsoft word: 2209 Build 16.0.15629.20256) 64-bit
Windows version: Windows 10 enterprize Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.2130)

Anyone any ideas?