Once again: [nvda] Excell spreadsheet: cannot set announcement for column & row headers

Jeff Samco

Here is a link to download the Excel spreadsheet I need help with:


Download link



Here is my situation:

At my work they are switching over to a new method for reporting work time for payroll. I need to set the row of dates announced as column headers when navigating the below cells for entering hours. I’m not getting it to work.


I  am using the NVDA commands for designating the start cell for the row labeled as “Dates.” This would be using NVDA + Shift + C when on cell C-12.

Time worked for each date is entered on the row starting with cell B-18.

Could someone please download the spreadsheet and see if you can get column date headers to work when moving cell-to-cell on row 18?

I will appreciate any tips on what I can do as well as any modifications to the spreadsheet itself. The spreadsheet is protected and announced as “read only” yet I can edit cells. So, I don’t understand if that might be a part of the problem.

Thank you so much!

Jeff Samco