locked ot studio recorder off list please



This is to anyone that has studio recorder.

I need someone to email me off list basically, how did you buy it from aph.

I am obviously not in america, and I would prefer to not have to call a us number just to buy it, and I would like to use paypal.

If I can't while a bit annoying thats ok to I guess but after using a pirated, virus ridden  copy for a  few years whilst at school I told myself I'd buy it once I had the cash.

Due to covid19 and the fact I have everything I need this year, I do have the cash at this moment and time.

I'm just not sure how to go about buying it.

Please respond off list because this is quite off topic.

Oh my only ask is that only respond if you actually know how or have done it in the past I don't want a flame to start here or someone causing me to lose it by saying something else and please don't keep it on here please.



This topic is now locked.  And topics like it will be promptly deleted in the future.

We have the NVDA Chat Subgroup for this sort of request, and it is the only place it should have been placed (in our sphere, anyway).

It's long past time that when someone recognizes that something is off-topic before they even send the message that they DON'T SEND IT TO BEGIN WITH.

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