Possible Inaccessible Font

Abdulqadir Ahmad

Hi, I am trying fonts and themes for my wsl terminal. I tested nerd fonts and NVDA doesn't recognize some characters. It just keeps quiet, not saying anything. Is there any way I can make it accessible or it's from the fonts? Are some characters inaccessible?
The utility i'm using is oh my posh, link at https://ohmyposh.dev/

Sascha Cowley

The font you're using should not impact how NVDA speaks characters, as it works with characters, not their renderings. Try changing your symbol level in NVDA.

Abdulqadir Ahmad

Thanx Sascha. My symbol level is on all by default. The caracters are emojis and it seems the problem is from the wsl console. When I try reading with the review cursor, it just keeps quiet. I tried windoes terminal, it worked but vim (console text editor) is buggy with it. I guess i'll have to look for themes without emojis.