Problem reading input fields with type number with NVDA 2021.1

Vaibhav Saraf

Hi Group,

After updating my NVDA I am not able to read a few of the numeric fields on my stock broker's dashboard.

There might have been some change on their base code as well but since other screen readers read them well and this problem happened only after the update thus I think this is a NVDA bug.

When I tab into the fields I cannot read the value already present there. It just reads out as blank. Inputting any number also announces blank.

In browse mode I can read the field's value using arrow keys/'e' key.

Field code for reference:
<input type="number" placeholder="" autocorrect="off" min="1" step="1" autofocus="autofocus" nativeerror="true" staticlabel="true" animate="true" label="Qty." rules="[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]" dynamicwidthsize="8">