Pronunciation: Unwanted Dates

Hope Williamson

I did remove the older TTS version first. I thought the 2 might conflict. I wasn't using it because of the clicking problem I was having with it.


The legal status of ViaVoice is a bit unclear, at least on Windows. On Linux, it's still sold by Voxin, but I'm not aware of anyone still selling it for Windows. The last news I found concerning it was around 2011 or 2012, when Wizzard Software discontinued it. There are some not-trial versions floating around, i.e. they claim to be trials and seem to have trial watermarks in their installers, and claim you have 90 days to use them in their license agreements, but no actual demo limitations, but it's unclear where exactly they came from, and they're very difficult to find online today. Interestingly, the parser included with that version of ViaVoice still exists today in IBM Watson, they're not selling the same voice of course, but parser is still very much the same, you can verify this by trying out an online demo of Watson and sending it words or phrases that ViaVoice mispronounces, such as ribcage or on does.

On 9/27/2020 9:08 PM, Gene wrote:
What is awfully clicky?  I've tried the SAPI 5 version and the add-on version of Eloquence.  They aren't clicky.  I don't know when this was corrected, but for quite awhile, the add-on paid version of Eloquence had a lot of artifacts and I recommended against people using it.  But at some point, that was corrected.

As far as if you are discussing a free version of Eloquence, that version is illegal and can't be shared on the list.

Regarding Via Voice, that is an IBM product, or it was.  I don't know if IBM still owns it or sold it.  I don't know what its legal status is.

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It's an awfully clicky version of eloquence. Then again so is the paid
version. If you want me to link to it here, I will but I need express

Jonathan Milam

Did anyone get this to work?  I’m having the same exact issue, but when I pasted the suggested resolution into the fields, it still happens, even after restarting NVDA.





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             Presuming this does not need to be generic beyond a string that's 2 digits followed by a space followed by Mary, try the following.  If you find there are other cases where you're having a month announced when it shouldn't be then the regular expression would need to be tweaked to handle the alternatives.  I am giving the regular expression you need to use, and the replacement string, each on its own line after a label to indicate which is is which, before I give the step-by-step instructions for adding that exception to the NVDA Default Dictionary.

regex: (\d+)\s(Mary.*)


replacement: \1 \2


Adding a Regular Expression match to the Default Dictionary

1. Hit NVDA+N,P,D,D   NVDA Main Menu, Preferences, Speech dictionaries, Default Dictionary

2. Hit ALT+A to activate the Add Button or navigate to it and activate it.

3. In the dialog that appears, paste or enter a regular expression in the Pattern edit box.

4. Paste or enter the replacement you want to hear in the Replacement edit box.  If you're using a capturing regular expression this may be a sequence of backslashes followed by the numbers of the capture groups you're using.

5. The Comment edit box should either have a comment that helps you to remember the purpose of this dictionary entry, which is preferable, or be left blank.

6. Leave the Case Sensitive checkbox unchecked.

7. The Type radio button should be set to Regular Expression.

8. Activate the OK button


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         Then try one of these for the replacement string, depending on how you want or don't want the leading zero on the track number announced

zero four Mary
oh four Mary
four Mary


Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 2004, Build 19041  

It’s hard waking up and realizing it’s not always black and white.

     ~ Kelley Boorn