Reading replies to Microsoft Word comments


In Microsoft Word, if the cursor is on text that is associated with a comment, you can press NVDA+ALT+C and NVDA will speak the comment. However, if there are any replies to that comment, there does not seem to be any indication that replies exist. I know that I can open the elements dialog (in browse mode, press NVDA+F7) to see all the comments in a Word document and replies are indicated by levels other than “level 0.”


I can also press ALT+R, N to navigate through comments in Word, but there is no indication whether a comment is a parent or a reply. If I turn on “Use Microsoft UI Automation” in the advanced settingns dialog, levels are reported but not always accurately. Also, all comments are reported as level  0 in the element dialog.


Is there a way without opening the elements dialog to read replies to comments?