shell replacements



This is a change of subject from what this is about as I am generallising the topic.

Tried xplorer and total commander.

They are nice, but what I really want is a simple windows exploer maybe like win7 or xp with a single window, that looks like windows explorer but doesn't behave like a half crashy animal.

I don't need anything advanced bar file search which works.

If I need admin file access to whatever, 7zip file manager will access everything I need.

I have no need for anything entirely advanced.

Also in both cases, my fan was going full bore running xplorer2.

So no, tried both and I just didn't care for the interface, using ribbon disabler windows explorer is mostly uncluttered and does work at least on 10 I want something that runs, no frills, an address bar, a search box, and the main window.

I use the address bar to see where I am but who knows.