Speak On in the Cloud

David Griffith

Further to Isaac’s update of the Add on and Speech Hub I have completed 2 Podcasts showing Cloud application of Speak On.

The next 2 Speak On Podcasts focusing on Cloud application. These will eventually appear on the Talking Computer Feed but advance listening is available below.


10 Speak On in the Cloud Part 1

In this Podcast we see how to create a Portable version of Speak On which , when applied to DropBox and OneDrive allows the synchronisation of reading of media across multiple Windows devices.


Speak On Portable Install - With TTS change to Sapi 5 and media folders created ready to receive content.

11 Speak On in the Cloud Part 2

In this Podcast we demonstrate how our cloud version of Speak On can perform on both DropBox and OneDrive from another Windows device. It shows how reading is synchronised across devices.  The podcast  covers the particular settings needed in OneDrive for the cloud based version of Speak ON to work.