StationPlaylist add-on 20.10 released, version 20.11 will require NVDA 2020.1 or later 3AddonRelease


Hello everyone,

StationPlaylist add-on 20.10 is now available. This release is applicable for anyone using 20.09.0 (initial 20.09 release) who decided to not update to 20.09.1-LTS or those using Studio 5.30 or later. In case you did install 20.09.1-LTS but would like to switch back to stable update channel, the direct download link for 20.10 is:


This release includes internal settings file format changes (as a result, you can’t downgrade) and fixes an issue where NVDA will say “unavailable” when trying to switch to Studio when it is minimized to system tray. Also, this release is the last stable version to be compatible with NVDA 2019.3 – upcoming version 20.11 (November) will require NVDA 2020.1 (and a heads up: early next year, a stable version of this add-on will be released that will absolutely require upcoming NVDA 2020.3).