strange issues need help.

ken lawrence

Hi list ken here for the last several weeks I have all of the sudden had very strange issues with mix cloud.  The stranges of all today.  To make a long complicated story short it’s as if NVDA has lost it’s sight and ability to focus on mixcloud.  This morning trying to upload a show when it should have been finished it’s as if I haden’t done it I hit confirm name to start the upload and while waiting for it to finish read newsline.  When I went back the choose file button was still there not the completed upload ready for tagging and publishing.  Then when I tried it again when I hit confirm name suddenly one of my older shows started to play.  I am therefore suspending use of mixcloud until further notice.  Is there an NVDA add on for this site and if not is there another better place to archive my older radio shows.  Very very strange.               


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