The Braille Bar model is not in the NVDA list


Hello, I greet all my friends, my name is Marino and I am from Greece. I am glad to be here. I need help from anyone who knows. I have Windows 7 service pack 1 32 bit. I run NVDA and I want to pass the braille bar. The braille bar model is not on the list. NVDA supported models in NVDA what can I do how can I synchronize the braille bar and NVDA the braille bar has no functional problems it is very well I want to synchronize how this can be done thank you for your time


I'm allowing this message simply because there may be an add-on, probably home grown and unvetted, that will support what I have to believe is a Braille display named Braille Bar.  Passing along this information on the group is just fine, as is mention of any simple technique/setting in an out-of-support version of NVDA that might "magically unlock communication" with this display.

If there are to be deep dives into Windows 7 or ancient versions of NVDA, those need to occur off list.  Use the Reply to Sender link in the original message to correspond privately if needed.

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