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Pierre-Louis R.

For your personal culture,in languages ​​that use accented vowels, your "grave" key is actually called "grave accent".
on our keyboards, we have the characters à è ù and the "grave accent" character is obtained by pressing AltGr+µ. It does not write a grave accent, you have to press an a or an e to write an à or è. This is used to get those characters in uppercase.

It is the same for the circumflex accent to obtain â ê î û.

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Le 25-01-23 à 05:36, Brian Vogel a écrit :

On Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 11:32 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
it has usually been "grave accent",
I didn't even get into that, but that's the English rearrangement of the adjective (grave) to be before the noun.

I'm just glad to see that others have confirmed what I consider my central point, no matter how this thing might be announced by the screen reader, the documentation needs to make what it is clear by mentioning, at least once, its common names in the language that documentation is in. 

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