Weather_Plus6.5 update available

Adriano Barbieri

Goodmorning everyone,

Changes in this version:
• Fixed a couple of bugs in sound effects reproduction;
a couple of "for" cycles with incorrect maximum values ​​caused the call to a non-existent sound effect.
• Fixed bug in local time in "details";
The conversion of time in 12 hours gave an error.
• Fixed a bug in the Yahoo Weather Forecast report;
In some cities the forecasts start from the previous day and not from the current one.
The correction of these cities involves the loss of the last days of forecast proportional to the mismatch of the dates (if the forecast days are set to 10).

Weather_Plus can update itself, however you can download it from the following pages:
I I wish thank Noelia, Abdel, Rémy, Zvonimir and all the translators for support this addon.


Adriano Barbieri

Hi to every one,

I'm sorry, but a last minute bug has been fixed.
Please manually download again Weather_Plus from:

Thanks Rob and Rémy to report it.