WXPython question of my project, crossposting

Haipeng Hu <hhpcomposer@...>

Sorry for posting an OT message. Daniel Barich and I are planning a
comprehensive braille music transcription software BrailleOrch. We
make it open source, and will let it work with NVDA. I'm a blind
composer but not a programmer, and Daniel is not a braille-specified
programmer but just a Python programmer and braille music transcriber.
We met the following problem in the edit window. Since NVDA was
written using Python with WX, I'd like to ask this here. Hope anyone
can help use.

Daniel says:
I'm trying to figure out how best to make the braille editing area for
brailleorch in such a way that it can be read by screen readers. The
StyledText control in wx does not provide reliable accessibility with
NVDA. If we use a plain text box instead, then we can't highlight the
errors using colors.